Friday, May 14, 2010

Terrible Experience with

I signed up at earlier, figuring I could write some new reviews and also add a bunch of reviews from my extensive back catalgue, and hopefully help some more people out. Well, apprently when a guy named magx01 signs up at a site, and posts three reviews from his blog, called, he's not bringover his own work, he's stealing.

Ya, two advisors there googled my reviews, foud one here, one on gamefaqs, and one on gameronfire, and, rather than assuming that since they are all named magx, and this blog is listed in my epinions profile as my personal website, that I am amgx and I post my reviews to several places, NO NO NO!! they somehowe both leap to the conlcuion that I miust be stealing! And so I now have a tarnished record as a plagarist, for posting my own work. And they don't even have a Private Message system there. HOW STUPID!

I'm amazed that the fact that the name is magx across all three sites didn't clue these guys into the fact that it's the same person. They just automatically assume I'm stealing. They don't even give you a chance to prove otherwise. NOPE. They rate your review NOT HELPFUL, whicch means no one will read it, and they commented on each review with a link to my review on the external site and the accusation.

Fucking amazing. And to think I spent 2 HOURS writing them a nice review of the Nightmare on Elm Street Collection DVD Box Set.

Nice treatment, eh?

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  1. So, Mr. magx01 at've also been stealing from my friend magx01 at, haven't you? HAVEN'T YOU?!, THIEF!

    Lol. :P

    I've reported a few plagiarists over at GT myself (one just a couple weeks, who I showed had stolen 20 of his reviews; his entire review archive may even be plagiarized, by the looks of it), which naturally entails searching some of their reviews to see if they've stolen them from elsewhere. One of the first things I keep an eye out for, of course, is the user name.

    If "their" reviews have already been posted at different sites by people using different user names (or better yet, if their reviews come from different user names on the same site), then chances are that person has been plagiarizing.

    If the same user name comes up...then yeah...probably not... -_-b

    So note to self: don't sign up at

  2. I forget to come over here quite often and as a result this is my first time seeing this new look of yours. I have to say I like it. I'm a big fan of darker colors so this really appeals to me.

    As for that whole situation. It is just ridiculous. If you are already researching the blog to see if it is plagiarized you would think you could check and see if it is the same person while your at it. What would it have taken, a few extra seconds.

    On the plus side it means that your reviews are really good. I mean they read it and instantly thought that it was to good to be written by you. I would think of it as a accidental compliment.

  3. @ Seph: did GT even delete them? Lst I checked, gaminassasin's review was still up, even though I reported it TWICE (he stole it from G4).

    @ Anonymous: Thanks and nice way of looking at it, I suppose I can just do that ;)

  4. Well, you know what they say! If it moves likes a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck, there's a pretty good chance it's actually a gorilla!

    Maybe you have a split personality disorder, like one is the thoughtful gamer and the other one is magx01 and magx01 is stealing the thoughtful gamer's intelectual property! I think they were right to report you to yourself. You might be stealing from you!

  5. I just checked earlier today, and no, GT hasn't deleted any of the guy's stolen reviews. In such severe cases like this though, they usually wait til the person wins an auction, deny them from actually winning that auction item, and then punish the person accordingly.

    Of course, what that punishment will entail is anyone's guess. GT has been wildly inconsistent. I know I've mentioned it already somewhere on GT (maybe even on one of your blogs), but one guy last year lost all his GTP for plagiarizing...but someone else later didn't lose anything... :/

    It sucks that they wait so long to punish people, but considering how many reports they apparently receive each day, I guess it's understandable. I've made my peace with it, in any event.

    I'm surprised they haven't done anything about GaminAssassin's blog though, if it was just an isolated incident...

  6. I'm really beginning to see how terribly managed GT really is. Between this and all of the glitches, the amount of time it takes them to implement anything, the terrible mods, and the's awful.


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