Friday, May 14, 2010

Follow Up to the Situation

Well, if you read the Previous Post you kow I had been unfairly accused of plagarism by a couple of six shootin cowboys with hands too fast for their own good over at

Well, I have since delted the reviews in question and re-uploaded them with a disclaimer and a link to the external review. This seems to be working thus far, as I now have Very Helpful ratings for all of my reviews as opposed to the Not Helpful rating and comments that refer to me as a theif (Stealing from myself, the nerve of me!).

Well, I have come into contact with a very nice advisor there by the name of Tom and he's been helping me and offering me advice. Nice guy. I also got advice from another nice person or two.

No apologies from the two cowboys, although, to be fair, I don't know that the one has been online since. The other one has, for sure, and didn't say shit to me. Nice, eh? EDIT: The one has since apologized and explained his actions. The other one has not, and I KNOW he's been online.


  1. Maybe the second guy just hasn't answered back? Or didn't check your posts so as to know what's going on? Or simply didn't bother to care? *shrug*

    People are strange!

  2. He responded back, but ignored the plagarism part of the comments. Meh, I'm already over it.

    You can just tell w/ some people; this guy's not worth the time.


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