Monday, May 17, 2010

Thought Experiment. Viewer Participation Required!

I'm looking for some people to 'play along' here.

Here's the video description:

This video requires viewer participation!!

This is an older video that's been sitting on my HDD for 2-3 months. I could never upload it because I wouldn't have garnered enough of a response with it, and I am worried that this still might be premature, but, having now topped the 100 subscriber mark (thanks to you all), I thought that perhaps I'd have enough people seeing it to get a few solid responses.

I hope. If not, well, I'll take it down and reuplaod in a year when I have 300 subs ;)

Sorry for the mediocre vid quality.


  1. Well ... in retrospect, ripping Agent Smith's arm off was probably the worst thing I've ever done. But I was angry at him for what he had done. So ... purely vengeance.

    Best thing was getting Mojo away from the cops. I owed her that much. So, I dunno, gratitude mixed with my feeling for her? Whatever you'd call it. And now, my friend SirP will talk about his worst and best thing. And he will talk. Or else ...

    Right ... uh, worst thing I've ever done probably was lying to my parents about school stuff. I didn't want them to get disappointed in me. Of course, when they found out, they weren't, just disappointed that I couldn't trust them with it, so it all backfired on me.

    -That's your worst thing?
    -I rip a guy's arm off and you equal it to getting an F in chemistry.
    -Well, not exactly equal it ...
    -Never stole anything?
    -Yeah, I've stolen something. A pack of gum from the supermarket!
    -Pack of ... you know what? Just drop it. So what's the best thing you've ever done?

    Best thing I've ever done was back when I had hurt my back in the army. I had made a friend who, oddly enough, was agoraphobic, but we had been posted together enough times, for guard duty or patrolling, so that he was comfortable around me. So this one day, he was supposed to go to the cafeteria for a whole day to help prepare the meals for another 750 people. My friend had been freaking out, so I volunteered. Why I did it? Well ... I knew he wouldn't take it so I thought I'd be a good Samaritan, I guess. Whatever that means, anyway.

    I'll tell you how my day in the cafeteria went some other day. A hint, though, it wasn't good.

  2. That was an awesome thing for you to have done, bro.

    I'd love to hear the rest of it.

  3. Oh it's a funny and troublesome story at the same time. Since I couldn't move around much and because I was so full of painkillers by direct injections, I was posted to dish washing the entire day. So after breakfast, I washed around 750 plates, or so I thought, cause more plates seemed to come the whole time. Some looked squeaky clean, but because they were always dropped in the sink with the dirty wash water, I'd clean them again.

    What followed was my own personal hell as I kept washing dishes, passing them to the guy operating the dish drier who would then stack the plates one on top of the other, while a third guy kept dropping me more plates. And he did that continuously from 7 AM till 2 AM. No, I'm not making a mistake. I was stuck washing plates for 19 hours straight.

    It was around 15:30 when I lost all function of my shoulders, due to acute pain from my back spreading to the shoulder plates and making any movement of the shoulder feel like I was being cleaved with a butcher knife between said shoulder plates. So I just moved my arms from the elbow down for everything else I wanted or twist to the left or right.

    At 1:30, I'm almost finishing the last stack of squeaky clean plates as the the guy that would bring me plates, brought me a new stack. At this point, I freak out. Dinner had finished about 4 hours ago and this guy was still bringing me plates. So I ask him where did he find the plates. He points to the stack next to the dryer. The guy that manipulated the drier then said that those were all clean and should be put back in their shelves. So yeah, I had cleaned all the plates at least three times each for each breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I proceeded to throw the sponge I was using into the dirty sink with the now dirty plates, slap the idiot, who made me go through hell, around for 15 minutes and walk the fuck out of the cafeteria, reaching my bed in the barracks at around 2 AM while having to wake up at 6 AM so I can go back to the cafeteria to prepare breakfast the next morning. Fun times!

    By my calculations, since lunch and dinner meant 2 plates per soldier, I washed around 11k plates.

  4. Dude...I don't even know what to say to that. I hope youdidn't incur long term damage from that, and as for that guy.....I'm a pacifist (read: atheist liberal pussy lol) but I think in that case, murder might have been justifiable!

  5. Hahaha! Oh, I've lots of awesome stories to tell. You should really check out my Girlfriend Experience blog on GT.

    It's so ... just check it out.


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