Monday, June 27, 2011

Is there free will in heaven?

Is there free will in heaven?

If yes:

Are there bad deeds done in heaven?

If no, why not? Is it that no one chooses to sin because heaven is so amazingly awesome that they have no need/desire to commit evil? If there is free will in heaven, but no one acts on it (to do sin/bad works) because heaven is so amazing, then that means god has the ability to create a perfect place devoid of evil, without violating our free will. If that's the case, why was Earth not created in such a way, or what's the point of Earth at all?

If yes, bad deeds are done in heaven, then doesn't that mean heaven is, well, no longer heavenly? Some might say that the difference would still be that in heaven, you're with god, but if god is omnipresent, he's with you on Earth anyways (usually in people's aortic valves, if the christians are correct) which means that heaven is no different than Earth (unless of course you do not attribute omnipresence to god). Also, what happens to those people who do sin in heaven? Do they get sent to hell?

If no, there is no free will in heaven, then that means god has no qualms with us being devoid of free will, which means the free will defense for the problem of evil goes bye bye, since god clearly has no problem violating our free will.

Thoughts? Am I missing something?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drunken NES

Playing Ninja Gaiden on my NES. Got a nice buzz going. Currently on my 3rd drink.

Life is good.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh Father's Day

Yes, Father's Day. The day when sons and daughters are supposed to go up and greet dad with the obligatory ''Happy Father's Day.'' Or for those who live far away, call him up (or text for the laziest of bastards). Like Mother's Day, it's nothing but an excuse to buy more shit and to force people to go out of their way to show an artificial type of love. Society pressures you to go out to dinner or buy gifts, otherwise you are seen as an unloving chump. Commercials pop up, proclaiming ''YOUR DAD IS THE GREATEST, SO BUY THIS SHIT FOR HIM NOW!!!!!!''  Phone commercials are among the worst offenders of this.

Friday, June 17, 2011

1984 Becoming a Reality?

Okay, I freely admit that the title of this post was purposely sensationalistic, but in all seriousness, is America becoming more and more Orwellian as time goes on, or am I crazy? Let's examine a couple of news stories:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

E3 Afterthoughts

So E3 ended in disappointment. I don't get why the hell I got my hopes up again, I'm such an idiot. Never the less, unlike last year, I was so over it, that I didn't bother watching any conferences besides the "Big 3." Oh, and parts of the EA, Mass Effect 3 and The Old Republic beckoned me. Would have been wonderful if 2K held a press conference of their own. As a publisher, they have more franchises that I'm interested in than anyone else, including Bioshock Infinite, which has superseded ME3 as my most awaited game.

I cannot say it was all disappointment. In fact, when I think about it, it was actually pretty decent, good even. "Holy fuck, what a contradiction!" you proclaim. And well, yes it is, but that's because my initial response was just me being a whiny entitled fanboy, who expects all my every wants to be catered to. I was disappointed because I didn't see any announcements that made me go "bat shit, lose control of my bodily functions" crazy and immediately proclaimed E3 a huge frustrating failure. But, when I do get to thinking about the announcements, and sure maybe nothing really stood out and astonished me, but overall it was actually good. On the other hand, maybe the WII U was amazing, but I'm still trying to decide if in fact that's just more confusing and intriguing than actually impressive. Regardless, I have plenty of news and information to be happy about.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ninja Gaiden 3 E3 2011 Debut Trailer

Well, that was ultimately disappointing. Hopefully we get some in depth gameplay footage this E3.

Can`t say what I`ve seen so far is all that revealing, save for the fact that Hayashi and co. still seem to think a gigantic, nearly stationary boss is an engaging boss fight....

What do you guys think?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Irony On The Internetz

Christians embarrassed about/ashamed of Satan? (Silence on the Satan(ic) front).

Christians embarrassed about/ashamed of Satan? (Silence on the Satan(ic) front).

I'm Canadian, and here in Canada there's not a whole lot of public god talk. Some, sure, but it's sparse and mostly negligible. Down south however, in the good ol' US of A, it's ubiquitous. It's just god god god. Politicians, athletes, celebrities, televangelists, news anchors, radio hosts, television personalities, basically everyone pimps their god in public. And of course, the majority of them are referring to Yahweh, the god of the Bible, when they speak about this god character.

Interestingly however, very few of them ever mention Satan.

Ever notice that? If so, ever wonder why?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Super Quick Note To Those Who Think Reading on an E-Reader

Constitutes the same thing as reading a book, and is not, in any way, a lacking, impoverished experience......