Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fuck Christmas

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Face it, no matter how you look at it, Christmas sucks balls. Whether you're a devout Christian hoping to celebrate the birth of your lord(hahaha sucker), or just a greedy commercialized whore waiting to be showered in fucking sucks.

There are several reasons for this. Ranging from over commercialization to the decline of morals (not that I really give a fuck anyway). Anyway, a year has passed since I last did something like this, and I don't think I've become all that more bitter. Actually, I think I maybe have become more apathetic(actually that's a for sure) and a bit more nihilistic.

Anyway, you sheep love lists and sequels that are just the same shit from last time*cough*CoD*Cough*, so here's the same one from last year with some "tweaks."

The List:

  • Nobody even celebrates it for Jesus. Really be honest, when have many of you looked forward to Christmas for religious purposes?
  • It's not about giving, it's about gifts. How many you get. Greedy bastards. D:
  • It's no longer Merry Christmas, but Merry Holidays, wtf!?!?!?!?
  • Not everyone is Christian, aren't you tired of all the Christian bullshit?
  • It's actually a pagan holiday re-purposed for Christian use. Anyone ever heard of winter solstice or Yule tide?
  • I'd hate to be a doctor during this time of year. Imagine the amount of idiots showing up in the ER drunk and bleeding from a stab wound they got from their drunken Uncle Tom?
  • Sucks if you don't have a family.
  • Fuck Nostalgia!!!!
  • I fucking hate Christmas music, FUUUUUUUUU
  • I also hate Christmas movies, :@
  • I'm just glad I don't watch TV with all the crap they pass during this time of year.
  • Not everybody likes spending time with family (I actually do though)
  • Who the fuck is Santa, really?!?! Fucking worse excuse for a mascot ever.
  • am poor.... ;___;
  • ..and there's an economic recession. D;
  • Fuck anyone who calls me a grinch, I fucking hate that character so much.
  • Office Xmas parties. Seriously, partying with your boss? Ya, greaaaaatttt fun.....
  • Office Secret Santa. A game ripe for jealousy and shitty gifts.
  • Decorations. Decorations can kiss my ass. And if you don't put them up you're a grinch
  • The malls are INSANELY packed.
  • Tim Allen starts showing up on TV all of a sudden. Who the FUCK wants to see Tim Allen?
  • Too hard to get high, what with all the family around :(
  • Having to listen to FOX NEWS blather on an on about the so called 'War on Christmas'

FUCK YOU ALL! t('-'t)


  1. "It's no longer Merry Christmas, but Merry Holidays, wtf!?!?!?!?"

    It's the WAR ON CHRISTMAS that's causing that! Haven't you heard? Trying to be considerate to non christians is a declaration of WAR against christianity, christmas, and jebus.

  2. Not officially, no, but since when is a bible based theology ever bible based?

  3. My family is different than yours as I have to struggle to avoid being in the circle. They don't care who they are passing to.

  4. My family is full of addicts, obviously.

  5. My question remains unanswered. I find that particularly interesting......not only that, but I find it vindicating as well.



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