Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Woman Whipped In Public For Wearing Trousers. Get Ready to Get PISSED OFF


  1. Probably wasn't a good idea to wear trousers.

  2. Ya, probably wasn't a good idea to be a woman either.

    She really should have dressed differently and chosen a different gender that morning, m i rite?

  3. And no, that wasn't a serious argument. I would never equivocate gender and choice in attire.

    I was just being silly in an effort to show you that you won't get a rise out of me with your trolling attempt :)

    Unless of course you're serious. If so, come back and we'll have an actual discussion.

  4. I am a Muslim and seriously so fucking ashamed of this. I feel like whipping these idiotic men instead! Who the fuck do they think they are? On what law and regulations are they doing this? Its certainly not Islam! They are mentally fucked up, especially the one who is actually enjoying it. I feel like punching his face.

    And Im sorry for anyone to see this. I can assure you this is NOT what Islam teaches. If you dont believe me, then you can feel free to look for yourself.



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