Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SEGA Extends PlatinumGames Partnership

SEGA Extends PlatinumGames Partnership:

SEGA has announced that they have extended their initial 4 game contract to include one more game, the details of which are being kept secret, for now. Also being kep hush is whether or not the deal will be extended beyond this one game, or if it already has.

My guess is that they only extended it by one because they are going to see how it sells and then deal with the contract accordingly. It's sad that it always has to come down to money and sales, but it is business after all. It really sucks when you have a development team as talented as the one at PlatinumGames though. I mean, these guys are insanely talented, and for some reason their games just haven't sold that well (with an exception or two, of course). This was doubly true back when they were Clover studios. Excellent games, not exactly stellar sales. Okami, anyone? Viewtiful Joe.

My guess as to what they are doing for the next game is Bayonetta 2. It's their best selling, most renowned title, and if they want to show SEGA that they would be CRAZY not to cling to PG for dear life, they will deliver them an astonishigngly good game that they know will see sales that reflect their skill. Bayonetta 2 will sell, that's a guarantee. Bayonetta 1 has become a cult hit, and deservingly so. It's an amzing game.

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