Friday, December 10, 2010

IGN UK Weekend Initiative Top Ten Games of 2010....HUGE SURPRISE for Number 1 Pick!!!!!!! aka SUCK IT SykoShadow!!!!!

Well, isn't THIS surprising! After all of my bitching in the last post (the one regarding the Spike VGA's) about how Bayonetta got completely (and unfairly) overlooked for the GOTY award, IGN UK posts a video detailing their picks for the top ten games of 2010. The video constitutes an episode of a weekly video segment (hitherto unheard of by yours truly) called IGN Weekend Initiative.

Here's the link:

So, in this weeks episode, they detail their GOTY picks. The number one game?


Bayonetta Review (Best on the Web)

Oh Ya!!

Bayonetta gives THE BOOT to the competition! GTFO, she says, as she delivers a monstrous kick!
 Holy shit, I need to move to the UK, because they not only have awesome accents, they apparently have much better gaming tastes than the pew pew FPS masses I contend with here in North America.

The comment section on IGN is filled with people saying things like “Lol, Bayonetta” and “Is this serious?” Fucking morons. “What's that? Gaming preference is subjective?” Nah. Blow me ;)

All kidding and snobbery aside, Bayonetta was actually given some GOTY recognition. FUCK YA.

Btw, SykoShadow....Mass Effect 2 was 5th on the list. Blow me, bitch. 1st>>>5th. And since IGN UK is clearly (as of now) THE official source for gaming, FACT, Bayonetta is OFFICIALLY superior to Mass Effect 2 in every conceivable way.

Hurts, doesn't it?


And yes, I used the word hitherto.


  1. Illogical, they put Red Dead Redemption at numero dos, above Mass Effect 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. I CALL BULLSHIT!

    There's only one official source for gaming opinion, and that's right here. People should be checking us out to tell them what games to like! But noooo, they're all over at GameTrailers, GameSpot, or, worst of all, American IGN.

  2. I C Wut U Did Thar.

    You get me all riled up, all hot and bothe-er, nm, just go with riled up, I'm all ready to respond with vitriol, but then I get to paragraph two, and suddenly it's all sugary sweet, buttering me up and stuff, pouring red wine down my pan-er, nm...

    You toy with my emotions, you do.

  3. I don't do it on purpose, I swear! ;)

  4. I'm going to decapitate you and then fuck your neck hole.

  5. I'm having trouble telling if that was a threat, or if you're flirting with me. Or both!

  6. You got was both. I know you're into sadomasochism.

    You probably typed that response with one hand, didn't you?


  8. Mass Effect 2: I played about ten hours and then couldn't stomach any more of it. It's an excellent game that I fucking HATE. They took a fantastic rpg/shooter hybrid and turned it into a third person cover shooter with the faintest hints of an RPG mixed in. The combat was boring as shit, the biotics sucked, at least for the class I picked, the game is supposed to convey a sense of scale and interplanetary wonder, yet most of those first ten hours were spent pew pewing in indoor corridors with random pieces of cover bunched together, indicating where the next duck n cover, whack a mole firefight was going to take place, exploration was now basically pointless, and rather than addressing the issues with the Mako, they just fucking REMOVED it and replaced those exploratory sections with the shittiest piece of shit fucking garbage mini-game of all time.

    No, seriously, they removed it.....

    Yes, rather than drive around foreign planets I'd rather move a cursor around a picture of a planet and pretend I am mining for resources....GREAT fucking conciliatory move there, BioWare. REALLY EXCELLENT....NOT! (So 90's but so fitting). And I bet EA's involvement was to blame for the move to a more action oriented, Gears of War ripoff gameplay style. As soon as I read that EA got a piece of the pie, I KNEW it was doomed, and I was right.

    Still, the game has amazing visuals, incredible cutscenes and a spectacular, engaging conversation mechanic, superb voice acting, and an engaging narrative. The game has great mechanics, even though I lamented their implementation, and the sound design is top of the line. It's basically an EXCELLENT game that's NOT AT ALL what I wanted it to be. Woe is me, I suppose. Woe is me :(

  9. Actually for me, the main flaw, if I can call it that, was taking loot out. The reason I never missed those things you listed is because I didn't really give them much mind in the previous game.
    I wasn't that big of a fan of biotics and no matter how much I tried, just couldn't get into it.
    The exploration and Mako sucked so much in the other game that it didn't bother me seeing it gone.
    I do think your complaints are valid, just that from my point of view, they didn't matter. At least not when weighed against the total package.

  10. Ya, I didn't call it by name, but I was definitely thinking of loot when I discussed exporation being pointless.

  11. This news has made pound my 'LOL's'so hard in vindication. A friend made a bet with my that Bayo wouldn't be in any major top ten list. I told him he was wrong.

    So far I have three noms, with this one being a win. Now he is taking the "credible" website approach. lol

    That being said; Mass Effect 2 is the best game of this console generation. I love Bayo, but ME2 is the better total package. Bayo is one of my favorite games this gen also. It is a reason I can never get rid of my 360 despite having a solid PC. Bayonetta sits next to my 2 copies of Panzer Dragoon Orta

  12. Ya, there's a lot of lol'ing going on at the original IGN video page as well.

    Morons I say, all of 'em :)

    Bayo and Panzer....I like your taste in games, Mark!

    We obviously disagree about ME2 (it's a great game but I really lamented the changes) but it's cool that you didn't do what most fans do and 'take my head off' for it.

    Thanks for the comment!

  13. Great job, PlatinumGames, and kickass blog @!!!!

  14. Thanks very much for the feedback, but why did you link to my blog?


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