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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Bullshit of DLC

The Bullshit of DLC

Note: This is an old post that was sitting unpublished in my draft list. It may be outdated in terms of some specific details. 

Okay, so I have been bitching about DLC for quite some time, on an intermittent basis. While I have provided some examples in the past of what I believe constituted bullshit, ripoff, exploitative DLC, and what I considered fair DLC worth purchasing, I never provided an open shut case for my stance.

This time, however, I have done some homework, and I think what I have come up with constitutes damn near investigative journalism. Hey, if the 'pro' video game journalists don't have the balls to do it, someone has to step up and do it for them, right? Might as well be me!

Monday, March 19, 2012

R.I.P. Ninja Gaiden 1988-2012

Am I living in a fucking nightmare? I have been pinching myself so hard I have airplane sized welts all over my body, so I suppose that I am in fact awake, which means I really am witnessing the destruction of the Ninja Gaiden series. IGN has just weighed in with a hilariously bad 3/10 review (yes, 3/10), player feedback on the forums has been mostly bad to downright terrible, and frankly, I fucking toldyouso.

IGN Gives Ninja Gaiden 3 a Fucking 3/10!!!

IGN scores Ninja Gaiden 3 a 3/10. What a fucking disaster. Hayashi and co. have RUINED the greatest series of action games on the planet.


I'll be ranting about the game in detail at a later date.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

IGN's Top 25 Xbox 360 Games is BULLSHIT

IGN's Top 25 Xbox 360 GamesList :

Back in April, IGN listed their top 25 Xbox 360 games. I missed this article, which is not surprising since I hardly ever visit IGN anymore, but happened to catch it today, and I would like to rant about it but before I do so, here are the games they selected, followed by the review score (in brackets) given them by IGN:\

Friday, December 10, 2010

IGN UK Weekend Initiative Top Ten Games of 2010....HUGE SURPRISE for Number 1 Pick!!!!!!! aka SUCK IT SykoShadow!!!!!

Well, isn't THIS surprising! After all of my bitching in the last post (the one regarding the Spike VGA's) about how Bayonetta got completely (and unfairly) overlooked for the GOTY award, IGN UK posts a video detailing their picks for the top ten games of 2010. The video constitutes an episode of a weekly video segment (hitherto unheard of by yours truly) called IGN Weekend Initiative.

Here's the link:

So, in this weeks episode, they detail their GOTY picks. The number one game?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

IGN Gives Pac-Man Championship Edition DX a 10/10!!

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX released today, and it looks amazing. Here are a few screens, and then check out the link to the IGN review, which assigned the game a perfect 10/10. Can't say I saw that one coming. I'll hopefully be enjoying this game later today, and I may be reviewing it here on The Thoughtful Gamers, so look for that possibility in the next day or two.